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The New England Rug Society is pleased to offer you the convenience and security of paying your membership dues via PayPal, using a credit card, debit card or bank transfer.   To make your online dues payment, simply click on the PayPal Pay Now button next to your desired membership level. NOTE: The default delivery option for our newsletter is email (color).  Hard-copy (black & white) delivery of View from the Fringe via US mail is also available with a $10 membership surcharge.
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* To qualify for a Student Membership, applicant must offer evidence of fulltime enrollment in a graduate or undergraduate course of study at an accredited school or university

Member Contact Information:
New members Your PayPal "shipping address" and your PayPal email information will be used as your NERS contact information.  If you would like to supply a different mail address and/or email account for NERS contact purposes, please send us an email with your updated contact information.
Current members When paying your member renewal dues with PayPal, we will retain your previously supplied contact information.  If you would like us to make any changes, please send the updates to us via email.
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