Anatolian Cultural Heritage Center in Istanbul


The Anatolian Cultural Heritage Center will promote Turkey's cultural heritage encouraging both the public and researchers to participate in activities and to utilize its resources. Three archives, donated by Pertev Boratav, Ilhan Basgoz, and Josephine Powell, form the core of the Center.

The collection contains a large library, over 45,000 photographs, field notes, audio and video tapes, household goods, textiles, and tools collected in Anatolia between 1927 and 1994. These three unique archives make an important contribution to the study of village and nomadic life.

Textiles and ethnographic objects will be on permanent display and will include hands-on exhibits. Photographs, field notes and related literature will be available on computers. Events and exhibits, both entertaining and educational, will create a lively and exciting Center.

Donated funds will be used to conserve and mount textiles, curate the collections, catalogue field notes and photographs, secure a building, employ a small staff, and run the Center.

The center will be administered by the History Foundation with the collaboration of Josephine Powell and numerous qualified scholars.


The Donors

Josephine Powell
Josephine Powell, born in 1919, is an American free-lance photographer who has lived in Istanbul since 1974. Between 1952 and 1974, she traveled from Northern Africa to Afghanistan photographing art, archaeological and ethnographic subjects. Her photographs have been published in more than two hundred books and are in numerous collections, including those at the British Museum and the Fogg Museum at Harvard University.

Pertev Boratav
Pertev Naili Boratav, born in 1907 in Bulgaria, established the Folklore Department at Ankara University. He worked for forty years at the Centre National de Recherche Scientifique in France. Boratav wrote fourteen books on contemporary folk writing, Turkish folktales, poems, songs, shadow puppetry (Karagoz), Nasreddin Hoca stories, epics and methodology. The History Foundation has already catalogued and digitalised the Boratave archive under a separate fund.

Ilhan Basgoz
Ilhan Basgoz, born in 1923 in Sivas, is a leading Turkish folklorist. He began his research in 1943, with a trip to Kars with his professor, Pertev Boratav. In 1960, he began teaching Folklore at Indiana University. Today he is a retired professor and an active scholar.

The History Foundation
The Economic and Social History Foundation of Turkey is a non-governmental organization that promotes research on the economic, social and cultural heritage of Turkey. Established in 1991 by 264 prominent intellectuals, the foundation has grown to become one of the largest non-governmental organization s in Turkey.

The Foundation relies on private and public funding dedicated to specific projects, from within Turkey and abroad. Past sources include the Rockefeller Foundation, the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Is Bank, other Turkish banks, and the Turkish Ministry of Culture. The Foundation is tax-exempt in Turkey and is audited by Pricewaterhouse Coopers.


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