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NERS Literature    Many NERS members have contributed to the world of rug literature.   On this page you'll find links to essays written by NERS members.   A complete reference list of publications by NERS members is also available.  Please see the NERS Bibliography.

Julia Bailey & Mark Hopkins

Through the Collector’s Eye, Oriental Rugs from New England Private Collections

RISD Museum of Art, 1991

John Collins

Color Truths and Other Wisdoms

Oriental Rug Review (ORR) 13/3

The Corwin Afshar Collection

ORR 11/3
  Mark Hopkins

Diamonds in the Pile -
Jaf Kurd Bagfaces

ORR 9/5

How Good is My Rug Collecting?

ORR 9/3

"The Painted Carpet," An interview with artist Tom Stocker

ORR 15/1

Adventures in Turkey

ORR 15/2
  Lawrence Kearney

Whither Turkomania?

ORR 1/10
    An Interview With UIrich Schürmann ORR 2/7

Whoever Has the Most Rugs
When He Dies, Wins

ORR 6/10
  Gerard Paquin

Silk and Wool: Ottoman Textile Designs in Turkish Rugs

An online publication
  Holly Smith

 Rugs of Iron, Wefts of Stone
Restoring Bijars

ORR 12/4

Considerations of Oriental Rug Restoration

ORR 15/6
  Jeff Spurr

Some Thoughts on Islamic Prayer Rugs and Related Textiles

A NERS online publication
November, 2002
  Carl Strock Notes on Origins of Bakhtiyari Motifs ORR 14/6

In Praise of Heriz Carpets

ORR 15/5

The Zen of Rug Restoration: Interview With Richard Newman

ORR 15/6


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