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NERS Meetings 

We're an informal group of many differing backgrounds and pursuits, all of us with a common focus: an intense appreciation of -- and an ongoing curiosity about -- antique oriental rugs and ethnographic textiles. Our members range from internationally known collectors to rank beginners. The only prerequisite to being welcomed as a member is an appreciation for the art form and an open willingness to learn and share.
Every NERS meeting strives to maximize its educational and social value for our members. Meetings usually begin with a 30-minute informal gathering at which beverages and various snacks are served. A lecture follows, usually lasting 45 minutes to an hour. Invariably the event ends with an informal question & answer session, sometimes a lively debate, and often a brief show-and-tell featuring the types of weavings discussed by the speaker. Whenever possible, we emphasize hands-on presentations and plenty of audience interaction. Generally, our evening events begin at 7:00 PM and are over by 9:30 or 10:00.

  NERS meetings are held in various convenient locations depending upon the subject. One of our main venues is First Parish in Lincoln, MA. Each year we usually hold one meeting at the Armenian Library and Museum of America in Watertown, MA. We have also on occasion met at museums and local rug dealerships. Most meetings are attended by between 40 and 70 members.
Each spring, we culminate the season with a gala outdoor picnic. Members bring items for sale in our on-site Moth Market, and the highlight of the afternoon is an informal show-and-tell session at which everyone gathers to share their favorite treasures and recent acquisitions.  

Whatever your level of knowledge is, you'll find a NERS membership to be an ongoing learning experience in the company of friendly people and a wealth of fabulous rugs.




For directions to both First Parish and The Armenian Library and Museum of America, please see: Meetings: How to Get There


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