NERS Bits & Pieces

This section of the NERS website holds the bits that don't fit neatly into any of our other categories.



Photos from the NERS 2003 picnic - Take a look at some picnic photos.

NERS members Charles Lave and
Bethany Mendenhall at ACOR 6




Adopt a Kilim!

Anatolian Cultural Heritage Center in Istanbul

Josephine Powell Project

For details on this project and how you can provide assistance, please visit the Adopt-a-Kilim pages.


NERS Adopts a Kilim  
(reproduced from the NERS newsletter, Vol. IX, No. 7)

The NERS has just assumed a whole new role: foster parent. We've adopted a beautiful old kilim from western Anatolia.  Check out all the details and view the NERS kilim. 



NERS receives mention in the Boston Globe - "Auction houses usually offer good prices on antique rugs, but buying at auction requires a substantial amount of preparation and research. The New England Rug Society, which has about 150 members and meets every few months with featured speakers, is a good source of information." (Ricki Morell, Boston Globe, 10/31/02:H1)


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