NERS 2003 Picnic Photos

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The Moth Market got underway at 12 o'clock sharp, with many treasures offered for sale or trade.
After a picnic lunch and the usual friendly social gathering, our annual Show & Tell commenced. This year we held it outside in celebration of the perfect weather. Here are a few selections from the several dozen pieces we enjoyed seeing.
Resident artist Tom Stocker added his own brand of creative rug art.
Ed Berkhoff offered a Baluch prayer rug...


...and an unusual Baluch khorjin face followed, presented by Mark Hopkins with an assist from Mitch Rudnick.
A Melas rug from Anatolia was shown by Wayne Barron...


...followed by Ralph Bradburd's Turkmen piece, which apparently had Mark Hopkins squirming to remember its name.
A blaze of colorful suzani embroideries from Uzbekistan...


...was followed by Ron Newburgh's striking Kurdish khorjin faces....
...and yet another Baluch rug.
Yon Bard shared some very special Turkmen pieces...
...and as a finale, Thomas Mond presented a new discovery from a monastery in Tibet.


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