A comprehensive list of publications authored by NERS members.

Julia Bailey Early Caucasian Carpets The MacMillan Atlas of  Rugs & Carpets, Edited by David Black, 1985
Through The Collector’s Eye, Oriental Rugs from New England Private Collections RISD Museum of Art, 1991  (book, co-author)
Ladik Prayer Rugs Hali 28                     
If It’s Friday It Must Be Kerman Hali 65
The “Other” Ardabil Hali 56
Plus many Hali book and exhibition reviews

John Collins Power and Simplicity; the Evolution of the Central Medallion Design in Bijar Rugs Hali 111
South Persian Collection exhibition catalog 1986
Shiraz exhibition catalog 1987
Flowers of the Deser exhibition catalog 1989
Dragon and Phoenix Design in Afshar Oriental Rug Review (ORR) 13/6
Color Truths and Other Wisdoms ORR 13/3
Arabesque Themes in Bijar Carpets ORR 12/4
Where the Bijars Live ORR 12/4
The Imp of Misinformation ORR 12/2
Trends in South Persian Rugs ORR 12/2
The Corwin Afshar Collection ORR 11/3
Plus various ORR reviews

  Mark Hopkins Through The Collector’s Eye, Oriental Rugs from New England Private Collections RISD Museum of Art, 1991  (book, co-author)

How Good is My Rug Collecting?

ORR  9/3
    Diamonds in the Pile - Jaf Kurd Bagfaces ORR 9/5

"The Painted Carpet," An interview with artist Tom Stocker

ORR 15/1

Adventures in Turkey

ORR 15/2
Doing the Baluch Bend Hali 93
Plus several Hali book and exhibition reviews and several ORR exhibition reviews

Lawrence Kearney

Whither Turkomania

ORR 1/10

A Talk With Walter Denny

ORR 1/12

An Interview with Bob Kahn

ORR 2/5

A Talk with John Edelmann

ORR 2/6

An Interview With UIrich Schürmann

ORR 2/7

Whoever Has the Most Rugs When He Dies, Wins

ORR 6/10
Plus many reviews for ORR, and numerous ORR "Dr. Kabistan" pieces 

Bethany Mendenhall & Charles Lave

Turkish Adventures

Hali 114
Plus several book and conference reviews

Phil Lichtman More than 20 articles on Oriental rug repair and restoration in Rug News

Cornelia Montgomery Several Hali book and conference reviews

Gerard Paquin


Hali 64
Silk and Wool: Ottoman Textile Designs in Turkish Rugs An online publication
Plus several Hali exhibition reviews

Tad Runge One Woman One Weft - Rugs from the Villages of Hamadan Book, published 2002. 

Al Saulniers

Splendid Isolation: Tribal Weavings of the Ait Bou Ichaouen Nomads

Hali 110
Moroccan War Rugs: History and Tradition Ghereh 26
Plus several Hali book reviews

Al & Suzanne Saulniers Ait Bou Ichaouen, Weavings of a Nomadic Berber Tribe (Book, Fenestra Books, 2003)
Haouderrane Shawls ICOC Moroccan Proceedings 1998; 147

Holly Smith Rugs of Iron, Wefts of Stone - Restoring Bidjars ORR 12/4
Considerations of Oriental Rug Restoration ORR 15/6

Jeff Spurr

Marasali; the Kashmir Connection

Hali 105

Revisiting the Shahsavan

Hali 104

Some Thoughts on Islamic Prayer Rugs
and Related Textiles

A NERS online publication
November, 2002
Ends and Means: Islamic Prayer Rugs in Context An expanded version of the above online essay, published in Hali 127

Carl Strock

Tapetologically Speaking

Hali 80
Andean Eccentricity: Tapestry Panels from Southern Peru Hali 96
James W. Reid, Profile Hali 118
Gail Martin, Profile Hali,  New York
Notes on Origins of Bakhtiyari Motifs ORR 14/6
What Came First, the Part or the Whole? ORR 15/2
In Praise of Heriz Carpets ORR 15/5
The Zen of Rug Restoration: Interview With Richard Newman ORR 15/6
Plus many ORR auction reports

Raoul “Mike” Tschebull

Kazak, Carpets of the Caucasus

Near Eastern Art Research Center, NY, 1971

Heriz: A Historical Perspective

Hali 90
Antique Lori Pile Weaving Hali 1/1
Chodor Carpets Hali 3/2
An Unusual Pile Woven Khorgin Hali 75
The Development of Four Kazak Designs Hali 1/3
Methods of Dating Caucasian Village and Nomad Rugs Hali 2/3
Sarab, Persian Village Rug Hali 79
Zeikhur, Caucasian Textiles Hali 62
Plus many Hali conference and exhibition reviews


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